Transformation through allowing

“Real profound and deep inner changes happen when we begin to allow whatever is in our awareness to simply be there.”

Rosen Method’s gentle, responsive touch

Written by Cinnamon Cranston and published in Mosaic Magazine May, 2016.
Gentle, responsive touch … is a key component in recovering from emotionally and/or physically stressful experiences because it lets our bodies/minds know that we are safe, not alone and cared for.

Moving With Ease, Say What?

originally published as an article for the Rosen Method Institute Canada, Inc. at Last November I participated in my second Rosen Method Movement Intensive that was held for the first time in Edmonton, AB. My second intensive was even more of an amazing experience than my first! One day I hope to become a…

Rosen Method Bodywork: Body Awareness and Trauma

Written by Cinnamon Cranston, published in Mosaic Magazine, Alberta, Canada, May 1st, 2015. RMB is a type of somatic bodywork that helps people to access and integrate long forgotten or unconscious physical/emotional holding patterns through body awareness. What do I mean by body awareness? Body Awareness is a person’s sense of awareness within their bodies…

Lion Heart

The blog name explained.

Rosen Method Bodywork: Bringing the Unconscious to Life

as published in Mosaic Magazine in May 2014. When terrible things happen to us we start to treat ourselves as though we were terrible. In this way we come to think of ourselves in relationship to our experiences instead of who we truly are at our core essence. Attitudes such as “not good enough”, “…