Transformation through allowing

“Real profound and deep inner changes happen when we begin to allow whatever is in our awareness to simply be there.”

Experience Rosen Method Movement

Using her physiotherapist and somatic background, Marion created Rosen Method Movement as a way to help people re-awaken their capacity to move with ease and to inhabit themselves with awareness and self-compassion.

Accessing Core essence through Rosen Method

I believe we come to this earth so that our souls can have the experience of awakening in form. Inevitably, most o fun have experiences that stop our souls from becoming the fully self-aware and empowered people we deeply long to be.

Life in three dimensions is not without it’s trial and traumas and unfortunately we have understood very little about how the body/mind connection works and the innate capacity we have to heal. As a result many of us go about our lies feeling disconnected from our bodies to some degree, and suffering from various forms of non-wellness.

Transformation through self-acceptance

Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioners understand that when they are touching the body they are touching the mind and when they are speaking to the mind, they are speaking to the body. In this way Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioners use gentle responsive touch and words to meet areas of chronic non-conscious holding in the body and connect with aspects of the mind that have been long forgotten.